Sunday, September 04, 2005

So far

So far, I haven't got my dog yet. Some cash, yes. How difficult is it to get some cash? What is some cash? One buck, two bucks, they are still some cash.

Endless green. Haven't seen it. Not eating enough of it.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Speaking up in the face of bad service

It was raining this morning, and that did not deter me from venturing out into the cold drab wet outside to get my favourite Sunday breakfast.

Apparently, a lot of people had the same idea and neither were they discouraged by the rainy day. Hotcakes are the hottest breakfast around.

I arrived at about 10 minutes before the breakfast time at 11am was over and stood in the never-moving queue for 30 minutes before it was my turn. Yes, half an hour for pancakes. That's how much I love Mac's.

When it was finally my turn, the lady told me that breakfast hours was over and sorry, no hotcakes for me.

I was hot.

"Look, I have been waiting here for half an hour for my hotcakes and people behind me get their breakfast orders from your staff over there, " I pointed to this plump guy behind the counter. He has been taking orders from people queuing behind me from a Palm and had announced to the whole world that breakfast orders would not be taken with the exception of those who had the privilege of ordering from him earlier on.

"And you are telling me that I, who came here earlier and who is ahead of those at the back, can't get my breakfast orders?"

And the lady turned to verify my claims with that guy whose name was Kelvin, and why did the hell did he do that for? The reply?

"Aiyah, it was very messy!"

Their ordering system was fucked up and honestly, the management should do some review. Whatever happened to " we'll take your orders in 3 minutes (or was it 5) , otherwise, have an apple pie on us" ? And they shouldn't just take orders from people who have just joined the queue when they are reaching the end of the breakfast orders. This is not quality service.

At least I got no arguement from them and my hotcakes appear immediately, I don't even have to wait 10 minutes for the hotcakes to be prepared. To Mac's credit, the lady who served me kept apologising.

Determination will get you hotcakes.


My favourite time of the day

Well, I am alone at home now, listening to my current fav station, lush 99.5fm.

Totally chill-out, totally relaxed and totally happy.

I still got some housework to do, since my parents are away at China. However, my brother has really been a real help, mopping the floor and such, and even washing the dishes. I must say that he's really handling it better than me. I really dislike doing such things, and to his credit, he does what I tell him which goes,

" Y, please take out the rubbish."

" Y, can you also sweep under my bed please."

"Y, when you mop, please make sure the mop is clean and also remember to mop the area in front of the couch coz it's really dirty there."

"Y, are you cooking dinner, can you cook my share too?"

And in return, I pay for the gas, the petrol, the bills. I am the lazy contributor, but hey if money works, money works.

BUT, I still iron and wash the clothes.

PS: I know housework is not a very interesting topic, but it is part of my life now.. and I can perfectly understand why some aunties can talk for hours on the types of detergent they use, some tips as to how to get rid of the smell. Now that I have one foot into the housework industry, I can't tell you how underappreciated housewives are. It really is tough, and time-consuming. You can never thank your mom, your wife enough for a nice place to come home to. To think, if they give up a career to keep your house spick and span, that's the ultimate. I am not sure I will do that....


Sunday, January 30, 2005

SATAN in our midst

Well, life is full of changes.

For one, the day before my birthday, I got called back to my main office for an urgent meeting by my Head and my direct boss. The first thing that went through my mind was, shit, what did I do wrong? After going through every thing I did and finding nothing wrong, I concluded that maybe they needed some numbers and update and I frantically memorised all projections, updates on the current big project that everyone was so anxious about. One thing about my company, mistakes are hardly ever tolerated and you better know your stuff inside out.

It all came to naught.

They dropped the bombshell; my department has been terminated with immediate effect.

I was shocked. No more XXX ?? Then what is going to become of me? Er.. what happens to all the projects I have on hand?

My Head reassured me. " Don't worry, I have spoken to RS, and he has given me his reassurance that he would be more than happy to absorb you into his company. You have a choice, to join his company, and should you choose to stay in our company, we will also have a place for you."

The thing is, I have actually been assigned to work for a sister company, rather than campaigns for my own company. I know that RS, the President, has heard a lot of good things about me, from CH, the VP that I worked closely with. CH has also immediately set up a private meeting with me after the announcement, expressing her wish for me to join her team, and also if I could privately get 2 of my team mates - M&M, to join.

And so, the tussle for talents begins. (ha ha, yes, I am one of them, it's nice to be wanted by both sides.)

After my decision to join the sister company, my direct boss, asked me to re-consider, she would like to me stay with her team. I never did really have the time to write all the drama that happens in my dept. My boss has never been a popular person. Her current nickname is SATAN. Ironically, she has a reputation to be fiercely religious, God is always quoted in all things she does. Take one of the recent episode between SATAN and SE, who is known for her hot temper, for instance.

"Eh Eh eh, there is a mistake in one of the campaigns, what are you going to do about it?" SATAN gloated to SE. (Is it right for a boss to gloat over your employee's mistake? Isn't it a shared responsibility?)

"I will handle it!" SE replied tersely.

Then came the internal bitching to the others in the cubicle, which unfortuntely SATAN overheard.

"SE, come to my room, I need to talk to you." SATAN ordered.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you bitching to the others about me? Do you have nothing to do?"

"I am not happy with the way you told me about the mistake. Are you very happy that I made a mistake? As my boss, you shouldn't gloat over my mistake. And yes, I am bitching about you. Anyway, I just wanted some suggestions as to how to deal with the mistake as well."

"SE, I think Satan is living in you!" SATAN replied.

SE was stunned speechless. My boss thinks she is the devil incarnate and told her so.

This was just one of the many. There were shouting, tears and tense silences in the office. SATAN does not work very well with most people. Not that I can't see why. For one, I don't think she makes a very good leader. She is a vengeful person and is rather selfish in her pursuits. I think she only has 2 people categories in her book - useful and useless. But fortunately for me, I am her favourite. I suppose it's because I never did go against her, and I am too useful for her to just ditch me completely. The way I see it, it is always foolish to be in the wrong side of yr boss. Politics is a delicate art. Saying the right thing is an art. Getting people to agree without being disagreeable is a skill which I am working on.

CH, my new boss, is a more capable and powerful figure than SATAN. Not only that, I can trust that if something goes wrong, she would stand by me. I can't say the same for SATAN.

Right now, I need to reinforce to CH that her decision to take me in is the right decision. Can't rest on my laurels.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

People usually take pictures of themselves, of their hotel, hotel rooms, places they visited when they go abroad.

My dad took pictures of the hospital, and the hospital reception counter. He also took pictures of the doctors, nurses, the patients and their family members as they were having a small party on Xmas day. My mom was not in the pictures as she had to stay in bed because of her treatment.

There were two pictures of her on the hospital bed, on drip, with one gloved hand, munching on a bun.

My heart tightened at the sight of those pictures. It shouldn't be this way. It should be pictures of smiling faces, of green trees and shopping malls. My mom looked too thin.

I wonder why my dad took those pictures. Something to remember by? I would rather forget.
However, it could have been easily 10 years since they last went on a trip together. Even if it's a trip for medical reasons, perhaps there are still some things worth freezing in a frame.


Sunday, January 02, 2005

It is good to be normal. Very good.

When I was young, I thought all animal lovers, dog lovers in particular, were good people with good hearts.

Until one day, I met a guy who had a black poodle. He was only interested in my body. I realised then that there are those who can only love and cherish their dogs and cats. They kept their indifference and arrogance for their own kind.

When I was young, I thought that you can have babies by sleeping naked next to a man on a bed. You sleep, pull up your covers. You wake, and you get babies. That's it. I have forgotten when I knew that you gotta have a guy stick his staff inside you to get pregnant.

When I was in 2004, I learned a lot of things.

I learnt how to be good at excel, to do mail-merge, to write reports, to make something out of nothing, to make sense out of nonsense and to pretend to know all things when I actually know nothing.

I learnt that my brother is capable of handling responsibilities, is not above himself to mop the floor, wash the toilet, wash his own clothes. He is kind enough to open a can of Campbell soup and the bottle of Mac nail polish for me, when I knocked on his door, waking him from his sleep.

I also learnt that he smokes.

I learnt that perhaps there is some love left between my parents. My dad took on his role as a husband gamely, lifting heavy bedsheets for my mom, hanging out the clothes to dry, driving and accompanying my mother to the market, to the park. For a man who always left everything to his wife, it is strange, yet comforting to see him cooking in the kitchen, doing the things my mom used to do.

I learnt that I am no longer a child, and at 26, it is not too late. I learnt how to wash clothes, wash the toilets, clear the rubbish, change the sheets, iron the clothes etc etc.

There are many ways to do one thing. One person's method may not be another's and that's usually the cause of disagreements. Without tolerance, understanding and respect, it is easy to see how two people living under the same roof could split because of the way you squeeze the toothpaste and handle your toothbrush.

I agree with Caterine Zeta-Jones. Life would be easier if everybody has their own bathrooms.

I learnt how to give up somethings for the good of another. In life, there should always be priorities. You just can't have everything.

I missed Moby, my beautiful white syrian hamster who died at a grand old age of 2 in 2004. She will still be missed in 2005.

In 2005, I wish for some direction in life. I wish I could find my ideal job and that I could have the guts and means to pursue it.

I wish to understand myself better.

I would like to have the courage to give up things which should be left behind.

Most of all, I would like my mom to be well again.

2005, 27th birthday on 12 Jan, I will make my wish again.


Friday, December 31, 2004

My Soul Type

I'm completely down-to-earth!

Find your soul type

As usual, I am predictable.


Monday, December 20, 2004


For now, this is my rented place, until my permanent location is finalised.

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